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Megaman University Duplicate of CRI (Colour Rendering Index)

The colour rendering index rates a light source’s ability to reproduce the colours of objects. This is measured on a scale from 0-100 (poor to excellent).

The colour change of 14 standard colours is calculated when an object is exposed to a specific light source.The first eight non-saturated colours (R1 – R8) are used to calculate the general CRI and the remaining 6 saturated colours supply additional information about the colour rendering properties of the light source. The CRI scale is chosen so that an ideal light source (such as an incandescent or halogen lamp) is, by definition, a CRI rating of 100. LED light sources can be anywhere between 0-100. All Megaman LED lamps have a CRI rating of 80 and above.

Current: Duplicate of CRI (Colour Rendering Index) Duplicate of Colour Consistency Duplicate of R9 Technology