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Megaman University Duplicate of Colour Consistency

The key to creating an LED lighting scheme that looks good for years isto ensure that all the lamps are performing within an acceptable tolerance in terms of colour deviation.

The Mac Adam ellipse is a system that measures how much colour variation is possible around these axes before the human eye detects a colour change.

The distance from the target point in each ellipse is measured in SDCM (Standard Deviation of Colour Matching).

An SDCM of 1 means there is no colour difference between LED chips, 2-3 SDCM means that there is hardly any visible colour difference. Colour consistency of 7 SDCM is accepted by the market and in line with Energy Star requirements.

Thanks to Megaman’s control of the phosphor/LED blend, Megaman LED professional light sources have a colour consistency of <5 SDCM.