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Knowledgebase: Manufacturers returns procedure for faulty product claims (PQC)

Manufacturers returns procedure for faulty product claims (PQC)


To maintain visibility through our established quality control systems and ensure that all customer issues are correctly logged and resolved, we ask you in the first instance to log your complaint with your distributor. Your distributor has a direct line of communication with Megaman to help us determine the history of the faulty item claimed, to log the nature of the installation to ensure correct methods have been adhered to, then to trace its batch production back to the factory and ultimately determine if changes to the design or manufacturing process are warranted. 
As the “Responsible Vendor” of the lamp, your distributor will be happy to act on your behalf and we will support them by conducting a detailed analysis to help resolve the matter.

R&D analysis tests and final reports are usually completed within 6-8 weeks of receiving the returned product.