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Knowledgebase: What dimmer do you recommend for product code…?

What dimmer do you recommend for product code…?


We test a wide range of rotary & touch plate dimmers that are available in the UK. For high-end residential and commercial systems, please follow this link:-

We publish a comprehensive evolving list of compatible dimmers complete with recommended loading capacities for our dimmable LED lamps and fittings.

Testing is continuous as new dimmable LED sources and dimming controllers continue to improve and are launched every few months so we share as much knowledge as we can by engaging with dimming manufacturers to improve the customer experience.

We strongly urge all suppliers, installers and consumers to discuss dimming requirements with the lamp manufacturer and the dimming manufacturer to limit the chance of poor dimming performance after completing the installation.

Never mix technologies on the same dimming/controls circuit as this could damage the light source and the controller/dimmer voiding your warranty.

For compatibility charts, please refer to the following link:-