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Knowledgebase: Noise coming from the lamp/dimmer

Noise coming from the lamp/dimmer


During operation some combinations of approved dimmers and LED lamps/fittings may exhibit a slight buzzing sound. This sound maybe more pronounced in areas with very low DB levels and thus sound noisier.

Historically this noise may have come from vibrating components within a lamp, transformer or dimmer or all three and although LED's have no components that move the phenomenon can still exist and this could be due to components from the lamp dimming circuitry and the interaction between the lamp, driver and dimming controller.

Additionally, the supply voltage can induce noise based on the 'dirtiness' of the voltage and along with any presence of spiking. Provided the supply voltage is within specification and the dimmers are published as compatible by both the lamp/fitting and controls manufacturer, it does not signify a fault or warranty issue as it would not affect the projected lamp life.

Ideally, the industry would be supplying silent running lamps and controllers and although we cannot guarantee this everytime, we strive to reduce noise with continued development and knowledge sharing with major dimming and controls manufacturers.

For further detailed compatibility information please contact your dimmer manufacturer and feel free to liaise with us either online ( or by phone (01707 386000) and we will be happy to assist you.