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    Discontinued range

    This product range only includes products that are discontinued.

    The new R9 innovation offers optimised colour rendition LED lighting for illuminating food displays. The Megaman R9 series has been specifically designed to maximise the visual impact of meat, fresh fruit and vegetables by increasing the red colour rendition. These lamps offer the same high quality light intensity and colour rendering as traditional halogen and metal halide lamps, but in a safer, more controlled and energy efficient format.

    Product Features

    • High red colour rendition (R9) value of >75
    • Max colour rendering of up to Ra94
    • Instant start, reaches the declared colour temp at the time of switching on while metal halide deliver a greenish colour when starting up
    • Hot re-strike capability eliminates the risk of potential exposures to UV and radioactive Kr85 in case of lamp breakages (with metal halide lamps)
    • Long lamp life of up to 50,000 hours
    • High colour temp consistency: tolerance is only +/-100k
    • Operating temp -30C to +40°C


    • Retail food displays