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406328 INGENIUM® ZB: Mains Switch Module

INGENIUM® ZB Mains Switch Module

Mains Switch module connects up to 300VA LED devices and is compatible with all Megaman standard dimmable products.

Optimize Control

From living room to dining room, pendant fixture to recessed lighting, INGENIUM® ZB Mains Switching Module enables you a capability of full smart control on any of your standard LEDs, even a non-ZigBee® light source.


  • Controlled by iOS / Android devices with app through gateway or INGENIUM® ZB remote controllers directly

  • Compatible with all INGENIUM® Standard products, minimizing startup cost

  • Connects up to 250VA-300VA LED devices or 300W resistive load in total

  • Available for individual on/off and save energy smartly though scheduling to on/off automatically

  • 3-wire connection (live, neutral and output)

  • Compact in size, allows installing the module behind wall switch for easy

  • Allows pairing or factory reset with the mains switch


INGENIUM® ZB: Mains Switch Module
Product Code 406328
International Model NumberZBM02sr
DescriptionSMART ZB Mains Switch Module
Order in1
Input220-240V 50Hz
OutputResistive load 1.3A Max. LED 300VA
Wiring3 wires (live, output and neutral)
Operating Temp-0 - +40C
SystemCompatible with Ingenium® and Zigbee® 3.0
DimensionsW47mm, H46mm, D18mm

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