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Dimmers: 406306

SMART ZB Dimming Module 250W

SKU: 406306

A Dimming module for seamless dimming performance the 3-wire connection Smart ZB Dimming Module is Zigbee® Home Automation Certified, and compatible with all Megaman standard dimmable products.


SMART ZB Dimming Module 250W
Product Code 406306
International Model NumberZBM01d
DescriptionSMART ZB Dimming Module 250W
Order in1
Input220-240V 50Hz
Output250VA LED or 500W
DimmingLeading-edge and Trailing-edge
WiringLive, Switched Live, Neutral
Operating Temp-20-+45C
SystemCompatible with Ingenium® and Zigbee® 3.0
Dimensions47mm, H44mm, 12mm

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