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406316 INGENIUM® ZB: Smart Socket Adaptor

INGENIUM® ZB Smart Socket Adaptor

INGENIUM® Smart Socket Adaptor can connect non-ZigBee devices to the INGENIUM® smart control system. You can control your lighting, electronics and small appliances from anywhere.

Schedule Your Routine

INGENIUM® ZB lets you control, automate and schedule all your home appliances on your fingertips, thanks to the Smart Socket Adaptor. Schedule a cup of coffee to be made every morning, or a light to turn on at night? It is just at your fingertips!


  • Controlled by iOS / Android devices with app through gateway or INGENIUM® ZB remote controllers directly

  • Plugs your TV, fan, heater, table lamp and small appliances up to 3000W for smart control

  • No extra wiring is needed

  • Available for individual on/off, group control and scene control

  • Monitors energy usage via INGENIUM® ZB app for energy consumption management

  • Saves energy smartly by scheduling to on/off automatically

  • Direct on/off control with the button on the INGENIUM® ZB Smart Socket Adaptor itself

  • Works with rule setting in the INGENIUM® ZB system together with sensors for home automation

Easy to Use

Simply pair the Smart Socket Adaptor with INGENIUM® ZB App, and plug-in your target appliances, then you are able to switch on/off devices, set schedules or rules via mobile phone


INGENIUM® ZB: Smart Socket Adaptor
Product Code 406316
International Model NumberZBSA01-UK
DescriptionSMART ZB Socket Adaptor UK
Order in1
Input220-240V 50Hz
Max Loading3,000W
SystemCompatible with Ingenium® and Zigbee® 3.0
DimensionsW62mm, H110mm, D65mm

Never Leave Devices Running Again

Own an INGENIUM® ZB Smart Socket Adaptor and gain peace of mind when you're away from home. With wireless control of our app, you can now make sure your iron, kitchen appliances or
other electronics are off.

Got a question about INGENIUM® ZB?

We have answers to lots of questions about INGENIUM® ZB covering installation, set-up and every day use that will get you off the ground in no time. We're happy to help!