406324 INGENIUM® ZB: PIR Sensor


INGENIUM® ZB PIR Sensor can detect body movement in an open area, and provide additional security and full smart control throughout your space.

How to set up

Simple Setup

Just mount the INGENIUM® ZB PIR sensor on any flat surface or wall without wiring, you can install it in minutes.


  • ZigBee® certified product which allows to work with ZigBee® compatible gateway for home automation

  • Turns INGENIUM® ZB products on and off automatically

  • Receive push notifications on the smart devices when motion is detected

  • No wiring is needed. Mount on surface or wall freely

Let Light Follow You

INGENIUM® ZB PIR Sensor can trigger devices or configured scenes. Program your lights and
the outdoor lamps can automatically light your way at night!


Product Code 406324
International Model NumberPS601/z1
DescriptionSMART ZB PIR Sensor
Order in1
InputAAA alkaline battery X2 (included)
Detection Angle120 Horizontal 60 Vertical
SystemCompatible with INGENIUM® ZB and other Zigbee Certified systems.
DimensionsW44mm, H57mm

Turns Ingenium® ZB products on and off automatically, the Smart ZB PIR Sensor also sends push notifications when motion is detected for ultimate home security.




You can remotely monitor your home and trigger on the sensors with one touch of button via our app. Receive instant notifications on your smart phone if someone is breaking your home.

Please subscribe our INGENIUM® Pro Service to enjoy the enhanced feature.

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