Smarter Connected Living


Bring your home or office to life with INGENIUM®  ZB. Working with ZigBee®  technology, the INGENIUM®  ZB Smart Control Solution allows users to gain wireless control of their environment making your life easier and smarter.

How to set up

START LIVING A SMARTER LIFE IN LIGHT Comfort and Convenience with Ingenium ZB

Working with ZigBee® technology, INGENIUM® ZB is a scalable smart lighting solution, which allows users to gain wireless control over all INGENIUM® ZB products for high-end applications. Allowing control up to 50 devices simultaneously, INGENIUM® ZB is perfect for anyone looking to add smart control to residential and commercial spaces.

The system is also compatible with a range of other popular smart products on the market, inclusing voice control systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

“Alexa, dim the living room to 60%.”

Download the Brochure

Download our INGENIUM® ZB brochure and discover a Smart Home at your fingertips!

INGENIUM® ZB brochure


With a simple and intuitive interface, the INGENIUM® ZB app allows you to automate your home or workplace by monitoring and scheduling all your connected lighting and smart devices through your mobile device.

  • Ingenium ZB Android app on Google Play
  • Ingenium ZB Available on the iPhone AppStore

It’s easy as iZB!

  1. Download the iZB App

    Simply download the free INGENIUM® ZB App and start to create and control your new smart home or office from your phone!

  2. Connect to the Internet

    The INGENIUM® ZB Gateway is the core communication bridge of your smart home system, which connects and controls up to 50 compatible smart devices.

  3. Install your Smart Devices

    Select from our comprehensive range of iZB lighting and power devices with bult-in wireless technology

  4. Take Smart Control

    Choose from a range of handheld and wall mounted lighting controllers, dimmers and sockets.

Transform Everyday Living To Smart Living


    Preset your homes lighting to exactly how you want it to be. Preset your lighting to turn on gradually and brighten with a cool fresh colour temperature to wake you up or to wind down in the evening, with a warm colour temperature.


    Start the day with the aroma’s of a refreshing cuppa brewing nicely and waiting for you. Just plug the coffee maker into our smart socket adaptor, set the timer to when you want to start your smart life day!

  • Simulated Occupancy

    Worry about your home when you're away on holiday? Simply preset a message alert when someone opens your door! Or even set an ON/OFF routine for your lights as if you're at home!


    By configuring your devices on the iZB App, you can control lighting throughout your home to activate when it senses your movement to provide safe, energy saving lighting only when it’s needed.


    Create and preset a range of different lighting mood scenes that add to any occasion. All controlled with a simple tap of the iZB App or your voice. Very smart and very simple.


    With fast and easy setup, INGENIUM® Smart Lighting Control provides endless possibilities for taking control and enhancing your living spaces. Contact MEGAMAN® and start experiencing a smarter and more intelligent iZB life in light.

Quick Start

To get you up and running with your new smart life, we suggest a comprehensive range of collections, covering all the basic requirements of smart living. Start your INGENIUM® ZB journey- it’s as easy as IZB.

  • Home Automation Collection

    • 1
      INGENIUM® ZB Gateway
    • 1
      INGENIUM® ZB PIR Sensor
    • 2
      INGENIUM® ZB 9W LED Classic Bulb
    • 1
      INGENIUM® ZB Magnetic ON/OFF Sensor
    • 1
      INGENIUM® ZB Handheld Controller
    • 1
      INGENIUM® ZB Power Socket Adaptor
  • Lighting Control Collection

    • 1
      INGENIUM® ZB Gateway
    • 1
      INGENIUM® ZB Dimming Module
    • 2
      INGENIUM® ZB 9W LED Classic Bulb
    • 1
      INGENIUM® ZB Wall Mounted Controller
  • Monitoring Collection

    • 1
      INGENIUM® ZB Gateway
    • 1
      INGENIUM® ZB Magnetic ON/OFF Sensor
    • 2
      INGENIUM® ZB PIR Sensor

introducing INGENIUM® Pro

Every INGENIUM® Smart ZB Gateway comes with a free 6 month INGENIUM® PRO smart lighting solution licence. This allows the user advance smart control over their home or small business environment.

See the extra lighting control benefits that INGENIUM® PRO provides...

  • Start and Stop Timer

  • Sensor activity

  • Remote access

  • Circadian Rhythm

  • Home and away