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Emergency Pack: EMG147247

GU10 EMERGENCY PACK Tempus® (EMC Compliant)

SKU: EMG147247

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The new generation GU10 emergency pack, Tempus® offers a simplistic and slim design with faster installation than the previous sausage pack model. In times of power failure, the Tempus® will power MEGMAN® Tempus® approved GU10s for a minimum of 3 hours.


GU10 EMERGENCY PACK Tempus® (EMC Compliant)
Product Code EMG147247
DescriptionGU10 Emergency Pack Tempus® (EMC Compliant)
Order in1
Battery duration3 hours
Charging Time24 Hours
Supply Voltage230Vac 50/60Hz
Supply Current40mA maximum
Power Factor0.35
LED Voltage (Vf)Auot-detect 55v max
Ambient Temperature (ta)0°C to +55°C
Maximum Case Temperature (tc)+70°C
Battery Charge Current NiMH (4Ah)200mA*
Initial Charge Period24 Hours
Conductor Size0.2 to 1.5mm²
Housing Size230mm(W) x 41mm(D) x 21mm(H)
Fixing Centres197mm

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