When plans were announced for Green Common’s latest vegetarian shopping and dining outlet in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the lighting design needed to reflect an environmental focus, maximise the aesthetics of the store and create a comfortable ambience. As such, MEGAMAN provides a range of high performance, energy efficient solutions to meet the store’s requirements.

Green Common’s new Kowloon branch features over 100 sq. feet of retail and dining space – offering a wide range of plant-based food whilst tackling the wider environmental impact of the livestock industry. Its futuristic approach to food production and eco-living meant that having an energy efficient lighting scheme was high on the agenda for the consciousness business.

As such, Green Common’s team turned to MEGAMAN, the leading manufacturer of low energy lighting.

Due to the building’s high ceiling, the new branch required an even distribution of light to ensure that customers could enjoy a comfortable shopping and dining experience. MEGAMAN ZEKI Ø50 Gimbal Luminaires were among the specified products that helped to provide an ideal solution. Compatible with TECOH THx LED Light Engines, MEGAMAN’S ground breaking hybrid reflector technology enhances beam control and efficacy, while minimising light spill. In addition, the lamps reduce glare and eliminate the ‘visual noise’ of multiple lens arrays, with far greater efficiency than the traditional halogen reflector.

The even distribution of light was further enhanced by the additional installation of MEGAMAN ESTA Integrated LED Track Lighting. Using MEGAMAN’s patented Thermal Conductive Highway™ (TCH) technology, ESTA track lights deliver high quality and comfortable lighting - featuring a precise beam, which is often desirable for accent lighting. Due to outstanding light output, the MEGAMAN ESTA range is an ideal alternative for halogen AR111 track lights. Suitable for retail lighting, the simplistic and neutral design makes the most of MEGAMAN’s signature reflector aesthetics and creates a stylish track lighting to suit contemporary aesthetics.

Fred Bass, Director of Neonlite International Limited, the brand owner of MEGAMAN® commented: “We are delighted that our range of low energy lighting has been specified for Green Common’s new store. Our LED lighting has high lumen efficacy that allows much lower heat dissipation making them an ideal solution for the Green Common stores – meeting the business’ environmental principles for energy efficiency but crucially also delivering the aesthetic performance a retail space relies upon.”