Megaman’s Liliput range of lamps have been used throughout the new Meriden Bar & Restaurant within Birmingham Airport. Used as an alternative to Halogen light sources, the energy saving lamps will ensure low maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Birmingham Airport, formerly known as Birmingham International Airport, offers both domestic and international flights, handling approximately 8.6 million passengers a year. The airport will soon become even busier with the introduction of a number of new routes and frequencies within the next 12 months.

Worcester based architectural lighting specialists Vivid Lighting, specified the Megaman lamps as they offer a discreet light source within a compact fitting. The Liliput lamps also provide excellent lumen output and do not omit the excessive heat of Halogen lamps.

Liliput, the world’s smallest energy saving lamps are available in B22, & E27 bases and are particularly suitable for retrofitting to luminaires originally designed for GLS lamps.

Offering a remarkably high lumen output, the Liliput lamps are available in wattages of 8W, 11W, 14W, 20W and 30W and have a lamp life of 10,000 - 15,000 hours. A particular feature of the lamps is the specially designed integral lamp tube protector, which is inserted between the arcs of the tubes to ensure there is no direct contact between the surfaces of the tubes. In this way, Megaman has overcome the fragility problems previously associated with conventional ultra-compact energy saving lamps, where the tubes are located close together.

Following the installation, Paul Shoosmith of Vivid Lighting commented “I chose the Megaman lamps for this project as the company provide a good delivery service and provide an excellent range of high quality products. Also, the warranty on products gives peace of mind to us, as the supplier, and also to the client in terms of both energy savings and maintenance.”