Touch Digital Fashion House

Architectural and interior design practice, POST-OFFICE, had an interesting lighting challenge when the company was commissioned to design the new offices of Touch Digital in Shoreditch, London.

Established in 2009, POST-OFFICE is a London-based practice lead by Philippe Malouin. their aesthetic mixes unexpected materials with an artful sensibility to create clean, utilitarian yet often surprising spaces.

This unique aesthetic was brought to bear at Touch Digital when typical office lighting was put to one side and dark and light were used to maximum effect; enabling style and functionality to work hand in hand with stunning results.

As one of London’s leading fashion photographic retouching agencies, Touch Digital wanted its new offices to be a ‘modern equivalent of the traditional darkroom’. Graeme Bulcraig, founder of Touch Digital explains further: “The company was set up in 1999 to provide a digital alternative to conventional darkroom hand printing. Over the past 13 years we have evolved from scanning and retouching negative film to providing services ranging from digital hand printing of film and retouching, to post production and fine art printing. Our move to 2000sq ft warehouse premises in the heart of Shoreditch gave us the opportunity to create the very best environment for working on photographs digitally; the end result is indeed the modern equivalent of the traditional darkroom.”

With traditional commercial spaces recommended to have a maintained illuminance of 500 lux for general office areas, the Touch Digital offices created a fresh challenge for Philippe Malouin, Director at POST-OFFICE. “Digital retouching agencies need a minimal amount of light in order to correctly visualise the computer screens. This constraint usually makes retouching studios a dark environment. However, we took this challenge to heart as we wanted the communal areas of the new Touch Digital offices to be bright and airy, whilst providing lowlight environments to facilitate the retouchers’ work.”

The end result is a space that uses the latest in innovative LED lamp technology from MEGAMAN