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MEGAMAN® Perfect White LED, perfectly aligned with the seven Retail Dimensions at this year’s EuroShop Retail Trade Fair

Lighting is a key part of all aspects of retail, and especially EuroShop’s seven dimensions. However this is not just any light. EuroShop is focused on the light that helps to transform the customer experience, the light that offers flexible design opportunities and, above all, the light that offers a sustainable business model and the highest energy efficiency: LED.


Coco Channel once said, "Women think of all colours except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”

MEGAMAN’s® Perfect White LED brings products and displays to life by enhancing white textiles while still offering superb efficacy and energy-efficient illumination. It is ideally suited for retail as it produces a vibrant, high quality light that excites the fluorescent whitening agents in white textiles, making objects appear even whiter and brighter, while still maintaining the warm white 2800K colour temperature for the surrounding shop floor.

The technology behind the effect modifies the spectrum in the near visible range to make the object appear to stand out more from the background with increased contrast and adds a clean, cool feel to the object itself.

Perfect White has been developed to meet retailers’ requirements for high quality light sources on goods, especially fabrics, delivering lighting that not only makes fabrics ‘whiter than white’ but at the same time renders the true colours of other hues. Retail outlets, in particular fashion stores, will find their merchandise more attractive and attention-grabbing when illuminated by MEGAMAN® Perfect White light sources.

The range includes the MEGAMAN® Vito LED Downlight, Carlo LED Downlight, Modena LED Tracklight and LED AR111 Reflectors.

MEGAMAN® Project Specification Team

The importance and potential complexity of lighting in retail settings means designers should always choose suppliers who can provide complete service and support. Megaman’s expanded European and Asian project specification teams work with designers throughout the project to ensure that, as a vital element of the design, the lighting is supplied efficiently and to maximum effect wherever it is needed.