Megaman Launch Shatterproof LED Range

Energy saving lighting expert Megaman UK has launched a range of dimmable LED lamps that are specifically suited to agricultural applications, offering an alternative to glass coated lamps. Poultry is sensitive to light so even distribution and good illumination levels are very important and, in this case, good light distribution means a minimum amount of shadow as chickens do not like being in the dark.The provision of correct, uniform lighting helps to improve health and productivity in chickens.

The new lamps, which are part of Megaman’s Professional range, include an 8W and 10W dimming classic shape LED which are enclosed within special shatterproof polycarbonate casings. The lamps are also able to operate on industrial dimmers in large quantities and Megaman have worked extensively with Varilight to produce this dimming range specifically to suit livestock applications. The protective polycarbonate coating makes the lamps extremely safe for areas where livestock are present as, in the unlikely event of the lamp breaking, any fragments of glass are held safely together and will not cause a hazard. The lamps are designed to give excellent light distribution with a minimum number of lights, providing the ideal solution for poultry farmers.

All lamps in the range offer a 25,000 life and come with Megaman’s 2 year guarantee.