Perfect White for Brighter Whites!

Megaman’s latest innovation is a brand new LED technology called Perfect White, so called because it enhances textiles, bringing the whites to life and accentuating colours. Offering superb efficacy and high energy efficiency, Perfect White is ideal for all applications but really shines in retail facilities. The range includes Megaman Vito LED downlight, Carlo LED downlight, Modena LED Tracklight and AR111 reflectors, all designed to produce a vibrant light that accentuates white objects, making them appear even whiter and brighter.

Many textiles found in retail stores contain Fluorescent Whitening Agents (FWAs) which, when excited, fluoresce – giving the object a brighter and livelier appearance. This is why clothes often look better when shown in natural daylight. Megamans Perfect White is different and the magic is done at chip level with a special phosphor coating which introduces violet light with a peak at 410nm in the near visible, non-harmful part of spectrum - also found in natural sunlight - to provide an output that closely mimics the effect of natural daylight on white objects.

Additionally, the violet element within Megaman’s Perfect White technology, leaves the rest of the spectrum unchanged - so other colours maintain their vibrancy too. The violet just excites the FWAs, producing a ‘Perfect’ white finish that not only makes the product leap out from any background but increases contrast.

Megaman’s Perfect White is ideally suited to retail applications as it exceeds retailer’s stringent requirements for high performance light sources that highlight merchandise, particularly fabrics. Perfect White technology has been developed to deliver the perfect light that not only makes white fabrics stand out but also renders the true colours of other hues. Retail outlets, fashion stores in particular, will find that merchandise is more attractive to customers when exposed to Perfect White’s light.