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New LightwaveRF Demo App at BRE House

New LightwaveRF Demo App at BRE House

Megaman, along with LightwaveRF, are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new demonstration app at the BRE House in Watford. 

The new app provides a fully automated guided tour of the Megaman and LightwaveRF House at BRE. When entering the house, simply press the flashing 'Start' button on the tablet in the wall and the voice guided tour will begin. The tour lasts about 5 minutes and afterwards you will have the opportunity to try the products for yourself. 

LightwaveRF products have been used throughout the house and include LED dimmers, mood lighting controllers, sockets, wire-free switches, inline relays for blind control, TRV’s for radiator control and magnetic switches. The LightwaveRF system is controlled via the Lightwave Link which simply plugs into the home broadband router. The LightwaveRF controls are used in conjunction with a variety of Megaman lamps to offer a complete sustainable housing solution with lamps. These include 6W GU10s for ceiling illumination, LED Classics in pendants over the kitchen worktop, 7W GX53 lamps highlighting the wardrobe shelves and Incanda-LED candles in a crystal chandelier to act as an attractive feature in the living area

To book your visit to the new Megaman House please contact BRE;