Megaman's Serviceable LED Solution

Throughout its LED product development in replacement lamps, modules*, light engines** or fixtures, MEGAMAN® are pleased to announce that they are now able to offer serviceable LED solutions. This decision has multiple benefits. Not only can MEGAMAN® LED light sources be serviced and upgraded to the latest LED technology, but by using serviceable solutions, existing luminaires can be retained, minimising the environmental impact of progress. This approach overcomes some of the inflexibility previously experienced by end users, of completely integrated LED solutions.

MEGAMAN® also recognizes that some basic light fixtures have such a low carbon footprint that engineering for replacing the LED may not always be viable and it can be greener to replace the whole fixture. MEGAMAN® fixtures in this category are 100% recyclable with component parts that can easily be dismantled and separated. They are still designed with serviceability in mind so have commonly used fixings or sizes for easy replacement long into the future.

For MEGAMAN® LED modules, light engines and fixtures it is recommended that the installation and servicing is performed by a qualified and competent expert.

The MEGAMAN® LED product range offers the highest degree of design freedom for lighting designers, both in terms of addressing future advances in LED technology, as well as offering a wide range of colour and output choices.

For more information about our servicable fire rated downlight, VERSOFIT, visit our website here

LED Module is a unit supplied as a light source. In addition to one or more LEDs it may contain further components, e.g. optical, mechanical, electrical and electronic components, but excluding the control gear.

** LED Light Engine is the combination of one electronic control gear, integrated or remote, and one or more LED modules.