Megaman turn down the heat with new LED Clusterlite

Megaman has added LED versions to its popular Clusterlite range of energy saving luminaires that provide a real alternative to metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting in high bay, low bay and floodlighting applications. The new LED Clusterlite features an innovative design that enables the benefit of energy saving combined with superb light output and high colour temperature consistency.

Each Clusterlite unit comprises of several independently operated LED stems (number varies with lamp size) mounted in a common housing. The ‘Cluster’ type lamp tube design allows continuous illumination should there be partial failure of lamp tubes. Designed for applications that have traditionally been the preserve of high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, Clusterlite does not have the same shortcomings associated with their HID equivalents, which include excessive heat generation and high energy consumption. Available in two options, the 27W Clusterlite provides 2800 lumens and the 35W provides 4000 lumens. Its instant start and hot re-strike capability has implications for health and safety, as lighting will be restored immediately following a power cut, with no need to wait for lamps to warm up – as compared to extended warm up periods for HID lamps.

Clusterlite offers a long 50,000 hour lamp life and extended re-lamping schedules, compared to HID lamps. For instance, most bulk re-lamping is carried out when the lamps have reached 20% mortality. Most HID lamps operating 8,000-9,000 hours a year will realise a 20% mortality rate after 18 months to 2 years – or less if burning 24 hours a day while Clusterlite’s 50,000 hour life greatly extends this in most applications with a higher lumen depreciation. In addition, the longer life of Clusterlite means that fewer lamps are changed and disposed of during the life of the lighting installation, thus reducing environmental impact and WEEE costs.