Megaman Launch New Sustainability Report

Neonlite Electronic & Lighting (HK) Limited, the brand owner of MEGAMAN® - the world’s leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting - recently launched its Sustainability Report for 2013-14. This is our third Sustainability Report and first GRI G4 report written in accordance with the new G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines – Core option. It demonstrates the Company’s commitment to sustainable development with particular emphasis on economy, environment and community.

Our Sustainability Committee was established since 2011. It is an integral part of our overall business strategy planning and is instrumental in raising awareness, educating and engaging stakeholders to boost levels of participation in our sustainability initiatives.

LED products have already started revolutionizing the lighting market where there is a rapid product development. In response to the dramatic changes in the global market, Neonlite developed a sustainable strategy containing five material issues inspiring sustainable products, driving operational efficiency, optimizing supply chain process, enhancing staff wellbeing and strengthening communities.

Neonlite has also sought to provide even greater benefits to the environment through the development of MEGAMAN®’s smart lighting control solutions.

“Smart lighting has started to open up new opportunities that were not available in lighting before.  Due to the convergence of technology, the trend in digital is in a large part.  We will explore and advance smart lighting solution in order to achieve full sustinability.” Said Mr. Foo Onn Fah, Chairman of Neonlite. “There are still many control-related issues that the industry needs to solve before smart lighting can be deployed intelligently on a large scale. The IoT revolution is just started and consistent investment in R&D is our main driver for LED mass adoption.” said Mr. Lee Wing Tak, Chief Executive Officer.

The Report shows that during the reporting period, the Company’s commitment to sustainability has resulted in the following key achievements:

  • Continued investment in research and development, with over 540 patents and design registrations as of 31 December 2014
  • Efficient thermal management and circuitry design to deliver increasingly high-lumen output LED products
  • Participation as one of the major players in the Smart Lighting arena as the era of IoT (Internet of Things) emerged
  • Launch of work-life balance programs that have had a positive impact on the wellbeing of staff
  • Corporate giving to support education, environmental protection, charity, and community activities in excess of US$425,000
  • Accumulated corporate volunteering service reached 1,973 hours, including 620 hours during the reporting period
  • Reduced carbon footprint as measured by the level of carbon dioxide emitted per lamp, which decreased by 15% vs 2013 and 16% vs 2012.

You can download a copy of the Sustainability Report here