Megaman Joins Hands with WWF to Address Climate Change by Encouraging the Use of Eco-friendly LED Bulbs

Following the success of LED Classic bulb campaign in 2014, MEGAMAN®, in collaboration with World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong (WWF), are delighted to launch 9.5W LED Classic bulb with two choices in colour temperature- warmwhite (2800K) and daylight (6500K). The aim is to encourage people to adopt a low-carbon, energy-saving lifestyle by turning to eco-friendly LED bulbs.  A portion of the proceeds from the sales went to WWF for supporting the organisation’s work in conservation and education.

MEGAMAN® has been committed to environmental protection and sustainable development as the brand’s core values since its inception in 1994.  This indeed happens to coincide with WWF’s mission to find solutions for a living planet.  MEGAMAN® 9.5W LED Classic bulbs conform to the purpose of reducing carbon emissions in terms of design, production and performance because they have broader light coverage with the use of the 330° light source distribution technology. They are also more durable and economical, with an average life of up to 15,000 hours, and outperform 60W traditional incandescent light bulbs because they can save electric power by up to 84%.  Recycled materials and environmentally-friendly packaging are widely used for reducing the carbon footprint.  In addition they have instant-start and mercury-free features.

MEGAMAN® 9.5W LED Classic bulbs are available for sale at MEGAMAN® Concept Stores, Panda Shops and 7-Eleven convenience stores throughout the territory.  Love our planet; cherish resources.  Choose LED bulbs smartly.  Let’s join MEGAMAN® and WWF in their efforts to combat global climate change.