Megaman Hybrid Reflector LEDs Offer Higher Efficacy and Better Beam Control

Building on the success of the company’s patented Thermal Conductive Highway™ (TCH) technology, MEGAMAN®is proud to offer a new range of products with a groundbreaking Hybrid Reflector.

Offering enhanced beam control and efficacy, MEGAMAN® Hybrid Reflector LEDs combine the best features of our popular facetted reflector range with the total internal reflection of our optical reflector to provide a solution that performs even better than competing LED technologies. 

Avoiding the ‘showerhead’ look of the common multiple lens solutions, our Hybrid Reflector LEDs keep the advantage of precise beam control of the parabolic reflector approach while minimising spill light, reducing glare and eliminating the ‘visual noise’ of multiple lens arrays. MEGAMAN® Hybrid Reflector LEDs also combine superior performance with beautiful aesthetics – barely distinguishable from the much-loved and familiar look of halogen equivalents but with far higher efficiency.

Not only do MEGAMAN® LEDs with Hybrid Reflector technology offer the perfect aesthetic replacement for halogens, but each of them comes with MEGAMAN U-DIM™ technology as standard feature.  This technology ensures these LEDs can be used with the widest possible range of existing dimmers, as they are compatible with both Leading-edge and Trailing-edge dimmers used with traditional light sources. It also allows superior performance with enhanced dimming from 100% right down to just 5%.