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Megaman Holds Court at Grays Inn

Megaman Holds Court at Grays Inn

The historical Honourable Society of Gray's Inn is moving with the times and has replaced all of its light fixtures with Megaman's energy saving lamps and achieved excellent results.  By introducing Megaman's 4W candle lamps into the existing traditional fittings, Grays Inn has continued to maintain its historical charm whilst saving on energy and maintenance costs.

Gray's Inn is one of the four Inns of Court which have the exclusive right to call men and women to the Bar of England and Wales. The Inn exists to support and develop its student barristers and provide continuing support to its qualified barrister members, offering its members a library, dining facilities along with residential and office accommodation.

As the Grade I listed building dates back to 1500, the traditional fittings had to be retained but the existing 23W Halogens were causing considerable problems, particularly excess heat and lamp failure.  Working alongside electrical distributors Medlocks, Waltham Cross, it was agreed to replace the existing Halogens with a variety of Megaman lamps including the 4W LED candles, a selection of 11W and 13W LED GLD lamps and the 6W and 8W LED MR16s then to monitor the results with regard to light output and energy savings.  Nick Evans, Medlock's FM Business Development Manager carried out the initial trial within landlord areas of the building which showed an annual saving of electricity of 126,230kWh which equates to 56,233kg CO2.

The initial trial was so successful that this has now become part of a general roll out programme throughout Grays Inn.   John Jappy, maintenance manager at Grays Inn, commented  "We are delighted with the new lamps and the biggest compliment of all is that the majority of people haven't notice that these lamps have been changed, as there is no reduction in light output.  As well as the energy savings achieved we have saved on labour as we do not have to keep replacing the lamps".