Dim-to-Warm Series

MEGAMAN® is proud to be the first manufacturer to introduce a wide range of LED products incorporating Dim-to-Warm technology.

As these lamps are dimmed from 100% to 10%, their colour temperature changes from 2800K (2700K) to 1800K - perfectly simulating the characteristics of incandescent and halogen lamps. Unlike many products on the market which use multiple lens arrays, MEGAMAN®’s Dim-to-Warm lamps contain a unique single circuit chip level technical solution, allowing them to have the same compact profile as incandescent and halogen lamps while also replicating their warmth and dimming curve. The MEGAMAN® Dim-to-Warm LED range offers:

  • True replacement for traditional incandescent and halogen equivalents in terms of looks, lighting performance and lighting effect
  • The first LED Candle, LED Classic P45, LED MR16, LED AR111 and Integrated LED Downlight with Dim-to-Warm feature
  • Colour temperature changes from 2800K to 1800K for reflectors and luminaires, and 2700K to 1800K for nondirectional lamps when dimmed from 100% to 10%
  • The same compact profile as the traditional incandescent and halogen lamps
  • The ability to create moods and set the ambience using different dimming levels
  • A range of LED lamps is available to cater for different applications
  • Energy saving and lower maintenance costs
  • Long-rated life of up to 35,000 hours
  • High lumen maintenance

Perfect White Series

In retail applications, the right lighting can make a substantial difference to the customer experience, translating directly to a positive impact on a store’s bottom line.

MEGAMAN® Perfect White technology is a solution that offers retailers a distinct advantage enhancing textiles by bringing whites to life while still offering superb efficacy and energy efficiency, compared to traditional light sources. It is ideally suited for retail lighting as well as other accent and display applications.

The Perfect White range produces a high quality light that mimics the effect of daylight on white objects, giving them a natural vibrancy that makes them stand out from the crowd. The technology behind the effect modifies the spectrum in the near visible range to make the object appear to stand out more from the background with increased contrast and adds a clean, cool feel to the object itself.

So how does it work?

Traditionally, LED development has mainly focused on efficiency. In order to achieve the highest lumen per Watt output, light sources have been designed with maximum luminosity in mind. All of the power generated by the LED therefore has traditionally been focused on the colours in the visible spectrum, to ensure no energy was ‘wasted’ on the parts the human eye doesn’t detect.

However, MEGAMAN®‘s Perfect White introduces violet light with a peak at 410nm in the near visible, non-harmful part of the spectrum - also found in natural sunlight - to provide an output that closely mimics the effect of natural daylight on white objects.

How does MEGAMAN® achieve this? Many white objects and especially textiles found in retail stores contain Fluorescent Whitening Agents (FWAs) which, when excited, fluoresce – giving the object a brighter and livelier appearance. This is why clothes often look better when shown in natural daylight. Importantly the violet element within MEGAMAN®’s Perfect White technology, leaves the rest of the spectrum unchanged - so other colours maintain their vibrancy too. The violet just excites the FWAs, producing a ‘Perfect’ white finish that not only makes the product leap out from any background but increases contrast. As a result retail shops, in particular fashion stores, will find their merchandise more attractive and convincing when exposed to Perfect White’s light source.

RichColour Series

MEGAMAN® RichColour Series is designed to maximise the richness and quality of colours. With high colour rendering of up to Ra95, MEGAMAN® RichColour is the perfect LED replacement for halogen lamps in applications where the faithful colour reproduction associated with natural light is crucial such as retail stores, art galleries and museums.


Taking colour enhancement a step further still, MEGAMAN®RichColour+ combines all the benefits of standard RichColour technology with enhanced red colour rendition (R9) of ≥75. The well-balanced and high quality light of RichColour+ lamps makes them the perfect choice for food and other display lighting applications where the visual appeal of items is essential.

Mellotone Series

Mellotone Series is designed to deliver warm and harmonious illumination that creates the mood and sets the ambience. With its warm colour temperature of 2400K a warm and cosy environment is created. When used in a room with wooden walls or furniture, a comfortable and inviting environment is achieved. The Mellotone Series will make specific commercial environments such as spas, hotels, restaurants, antique and furniture stores even more attractive and inspiring for their customers.

The MEGAMAN® Mellotone Series is also popular for bakery lighting as it presents a cosy shopping environment and vibrant pastries and breads.

Brilliant Tone Series

Brilliant Tone Series utilizes 5500K illumination to produce crisp and dazzling light effects. It is the ideal light choice to demonstrate the beauty of jewels, crystals and diamonds. The bright and vivid light colour unfolds the detail of the merchandise and gives the displayed jewellery an extra sparkle to attract everyone’s attention and help drive the purchase.