MEGAMAN – The Halogen Ban Explained

Fred Bass, Managing Director of Neonlite International Ltd, the brand owner of MEGAMAN®, comments:

There is confusion across the lighting industry when it comes to the phasing out of halogen lamps.  This is due to the fact that there are two EU directives in place.  To clear up the confusion, MEGAMAN has created a chart to show what is being phased out and when.

However the confusion has come about because non-directional halogen lamps are going to be phased out as of 2018 (this is due to EU directive 244/2009 that was originally scheduled for September 2016 and was then pushed back to 2018).

The other EU directive (1194/2012) relates to directional halogen lamps and this ban has not been delayed, so they will be phased out from September 2016.  This means many common halogen reflector lamps are affected by the ban.  As can be seen on the chart, PAR16 directional halogen lamps given a ‘D’ energy rating (also known by some as GU10 lamps) WILL be phased out.

The whole reason for MEGAMAN’s #planfortheban campaign and new website is to highlight the up and coming ban of directional halogen lamps and to promote the range of excellent LED alternatives that are now available.

For legislative information on the directional halogen ban visit

Halogen Phase-out ScheduleHalogen Phase-out Chart