Megaman’s new INGENIUM® BLU –  turns ordinary lighting into SMART lighting

Ideal for anyone looking for an affordable Bluetooth controlled LED retrofit solution. Megaman’s new INGENIUM® BLU is the easiest and most economical solution for those looking to bring the latest Smart Lighting technology to the home or commercial space. It offers plug-and-play installation with MEGAMAN® LED PAR16 GU10 or LED Classic variants. INGENIUM® BLU’s integrated Bluetooth 4.0 technology provides the benefits of Smart lighting with instant and simple set-up with access to control via your Smartphone App.

Suitable for use in small areas with up to 10 metres of coverage, the value-added functions include turning the lights on/off, dimming, programmed scene setting, the grouping of lamps for easier control, pre-set of time plus many more. The INGENIUM® BLU solution can be easily retrofitted in the home or in commercial facilities without the need for additional wiring for instant access on your Smart Device via the App – only one device can be connected at any one time. The lighting will dim using the Bluetooth App and not via a rotary dimmer on the wall.