Megaman’s new Dim-to-Warm provides a more intimate lighting experience

Megaman has achieved another industry first with the launch of a wide range of LED products that incorporate a new Dim to Warm system which provides improved dimming performance with the warmth and characteristics of halogen. These LED’s emit a warmer light when they are dimmed with a colour temperature that changes smoothly from 2800K to 1800K when dimmed from 100% to 10%.

Megaman’s Dim to Warm LED lamps feature the same compact profile as incandescent and halogen lamps and are true equivalent replacements in terms of performance, appearance and ambiance. Megaman LED lamps with Dim to Warm technology include Candles, Classics, MR16s, AR111s and Integrated LED Downlights, all of which offer a long life of up to 50,000 hours and high lumen maintenance.

The result is a much more intimate LED lighting experience in commercial settings where lighting plays an important role in creating the mood, particularly the hospitality industry. The Dim to Warm capability also provides high energy savings and lower maintenance costs with no compromise in visual comfort.