Megaman’s 5W Incanda-LED adds a warmer sparkle to the family

Megaman has added a new 5W, extra warm candle to its Incanda-LED range which was recently launched. The Incanda-LED provides a brilliant sparkling light effect with a unique lamp design that resembles a point light source and the sparking light effect of an incandescent lamp. The new 5W Incanda-LED ‘mellotone’ is a warmer white and has been designed to deliver harmonious illumination and create a warm and cosy environment.

Designed to replace incandescent lamps, the 5W Incanda-LED provides 400 lumens of warm, sparkling illumination, excellent colour rendering with high colour temperature consistency and a long life of 50,000 hours. The new dimming lamp is available in E14, E27, B15, B22 lamp bases. The dimmable lamps in the Incanda-LED series offer linear dimming from 100% to 10%, permitting the user to easily create the desired ambience for a stunning space.

The 5W Incanda-LED will create a comfortable and inviting environment in any setting, whether it is the home or larger applications such as restaurants and spas. With sustainability in mind, the Incanda-LED series helps save energy without any compromise in performance and light quality, ensuring maximum energy and cost savings for venues that need the luxury of soft, relaxing yet glittering light.