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MADE BY MEGAMAN - GUARANTEED Where other lamps fail, Megaman lamps guarantee to deliver

MADE BY MEGAMAN - GUARANTEED  Where other lamps fail, Megaman lamps guarantee to deliver

There is a lot of noise about LEDs at the moment, and rightly so because since their introduction LEDs have grown in popularity as an energy efficient light source. But as their popularity has grown so too has the number of new products which have entered the market and it isn’t easy to tell where your lamp originated or who manufactured it.  Megaman is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of low energy light bulbs and when you purchase a lamp with the Megaman logo it will have been manufactured in one of Megaman’s three state of the art factories in Xiaman, China under stringent conditions and to the highest standards.

Megaman products are all designed, tested and produced to the utmost levels of quality because the company manufactures it’s lamps in its own factories to UK standards.  These have been implemented factory-wide to ensure MEGAMAN®'s manufacturing processes deliver innovative, reliable and safe products now and in the future. Where other lamps fail, Megaman lamps guarantee to deliver.

Another area of concern is the information stated on the packaging, which isn’t just for show, it’s really important – but when the lamp manufacturer isn’t in control of the manufacturing process the information can be grossly inaccurate and lead to disappointment for the customer or returns and complaints to the supplier.  It is worth noting that the information provided by the leading lamp brands is generally very accurate – some even understate the lamp’s performance to be on the safe side. 

Megaman is completely in control of all manufacturing processes and can be completely accurate when providing lamp information on packaging – what you see ON the box will be IN the box, no surprises.  There are companies in the UK that purely buy lamps from a variety of different factories and stick a brand name on the box, so it is imperative to always buy from a manufacturer with a good history and not just an importer.

Megaman lamps are manufactured in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000 and QC 080000 certified manufacturing plants. From product development to disposal and recycling, Megaman prioritises environmental management, utilising pollution-free processes in the entire product life cycle, using renewable or recyclable materials to minimise the use of resources and complying with environmental legislation and industry code of practice whilst promoting environmental protection awareness among staff and business partners. With this in mind, you can be sure that the Megaman lamp you buy will not only deliver what it claims but that it is also backed by a company that cares about its products, the environment and its reputation.