Lights Out for Halogen Reflector Lamps

So the 1st of September has been and gone and mains voltage reflector halogen lamps are now officially banned!

I’m not going to get into the merits of the ban in this blog post. Whether you like it or not the ban has happened and the rollout will continue with the September 2018 ban.

If you’re a lighting designer, electrician or consumer you may have a few months’ grace whilst stocks dwindle down, but why waste your time working with, installing or buying technology that’s obsolete?

Whilst LEDs have numerous benefits, I’ll be focusing on the cost benefits in this post.

Quality vs Price

It’s great that we’ve reached a point where LEDs are highly accessible and are available at a price much nearer to what consumers are used to. There are a few issues with this though. Approximately 60% of the cost of an LED lies in the chips used. You get what you pay for and quality LED chips are essential to the lifetime and performance of a product. You also need to take into account a comprehensive binning process, thermal management, production line performance testing, safety testing and certification, packaging and shipping.

Cheap LEDs = cheap components/limited testing = poor performance and early failures

Quality brand LEDs such as MEGAMAN® will reduce energy consumption by up to 85% and this means payback on the initial cost is achieved very quickly. After this, LEDs will go on saving money on electricity bills for many years, don’t take my word for it though here’s an example based on an average three-bed semi with 41 downlights using 35W halogens for 4 hours a day, 7 days a week. 



The initial outlay for the LEDs would be £246, however, the annual savings are £262.42, this means your initial outlay would be paid back within 11 months and with the stated usage the lifetime of a lamp is over 17 years. So for the next 16 years and 1 month, you would be saving money. In addition to this, you’d also be saving over 1000kg of C02 per year.

False Economy

Given that a well manufactured LED will last up to 50,000 hours, it’s a false economy to buy cheap, unproven brands. As I mentioned earlier, cheap LEDs means cheap components and this means poor performance and early failures. MEGAMAN® has been providing low energy lighting for over 20 years and we have the highest production standards with the aim of delivering the best possible LED. To find out more about the halogen ban and LED replacements visit our Plan for the ban webiste.

We’ve been having some fun with what you could spend your savings on our social media accounts.I’d love to know your suggestions.

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