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Herschel iQ System Compatible with LightwaveRF

Herschel iQ System Compatible with LightwaveRF

Herschel Infrared has been busy spreading the word of its highly energy efficient, fully controllable far infrared heating systems throughout the UK and globally. It now has dealers in many European countries as well as countries as far away as India and is seeing a real shift in attitude from traditional heating towards Herschel Far Infrared heating.

CEO, Paul Morey, outlines how its proposition has been strengthened further through the launch of the Herschel iQ system. This system is powered by Lightwave RF, a UK company and market leader in smart home automation. Morey comments, “Our Herschel Far Infrared heating range is fantastic however we’ve previously only been able to offer fairly standard controls, which have been not been able to get the full benefits out of our heating system. “Our new Herschel iQ systems will allow users to get the maximum energy efficiency savings from Herschel heaters by facilitating full zoning. This enables you to only heat the areas you want heated, when you want them heated. There is no central boiler or heat pump with Herschel heaters, so each panel can be controlled completely independently; energy is only used when a Herschel panel is on”. Technical and commercial director, Jonathan Howard, adds, “The Herschel iQ system and controllers use the latest wireless RF technology to turn your new Herschel infrared heaters into a cutting edge, smart, energy-saving heating system. No-one else offers this winning combination of our stylish and efficient heaters with such a comprehensive, flexible and cost effective control system”.

The system can have up to 64 zones so can also be used in commercial applications such as offices, guesthouses and hotels, care homes and multi-let properties. The system is also appropriate for use in schools, restaurants and pubs, public buildings, warehouses and industrial applications. The Herschel iQ energy monitor will allow you to record and monitor energy use. Herschel iQ can be combined with traditional heating with boiler controls and wireless TRV’s – allowing for partial integration of Herschel Infrared and the operation of existing “wet” systems. The system can easily be extended to include lighting and security to create a truly smart and energy efficient property. Herschel iQ is deliberately kept as a stand-alone control system to enable technology advances to be updated to the system without the requirement to purchase new heaters.

According to Howard, “We’ve considered very carefully adding controls to our heating panels, but with an anticipated lifetime of up to 100,000 hours for the heating elements, it’s obvious that control technology is moving on at a much faster pace than the lifetime of our heaters.
“It makes sense to physically separate the control system from the heating panel itself. We chose to work with Lightwave and their distributor Megaman because they have a great alignment of the heating controls to their lighting and other automation devices, meaning our customers can not only have a smart system for controlling their heating but bring smart control to their entire property.”

This article is taken from the Electrical Time, March 2015 edition, page 44.