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Megaman's new Ingenium® ZB App Update Help

The new, free app is available now for all new and existing users of the Ingenium® smart home system.


We advise that when the end user is moving across to the new App that they will need to make the following changes to their existing set up;

  1. Download new app and delete old one (also disable alexa skill if currently using and delete devices from alexa app)
  2. Log in via new app and make way to settings and control station
  3. Register gateway under the control station and once connected click the “ i “ icon adjacent to gateway
  4. The customer will see a green up arrow next to firmware which they need to click – this will then update the gateway with the new firmware to support the new app. (once installed correctly the customers should see FIRMWARE VERSION: 2.1.19 and COORDINATOR VERSION:
  5. When these updates have been done, it will wipe the existing memory of the gateway and all devices, rooms, scenes and schedules will need to be re-added to the system. To do this please use the links below;


Gateway User Guide -


250W Relay User Guide -


150W Relay User Guide -


Mains Relay User Guide -


Lamp and Module User Guide -


Socket Adaptor User Guide -


Magnetic on off Sensor User Guide -


PIR Sensor User Guide -


Scene Controller User Guide -


Wall mount controller User Guide -


For more information on Ingenium®, please visit: orcontact your local Megaman BDM.

To find your local IZB stockist visit the postcode search tool on our website here.