Megaman LEDs at the Symi Gallery, Greece

When the team from the LOS (Lobster, Oyster, Sushi) bistro bar and art gallery, in Symi, Greece, wanted to redesign its art gallery, the lighting design was imperative to illuminate the art pieces and create a natural and comfortable level of light into the darker rooms. Therefore Megaman provided a selection of high performance, energy efficient lights fixtures to fulfil the project’s performance and aesthetic requirements.

Designed by Input Creative Studio, LOS is a high-end bistro bar and art gallery located on the harbour of Symi Island. The building itself is rich in history, home to where the signing of the surrender of the Dodecanese took place. The art gallery is situated on the second floor and required a lighting solution that could complement the modern yet rustic building, highlight the artwork and provide natural lighting.

To illuminate the art pieces the gallery needed a fixture that would highlight the artwork without casting shadows or a reflective glare. As such, the MEGAMAN® TOBY track fixture was specified. This provided the flexibility that a gallery with changing installations would need with an adjustable stirrup to offer a 340 rotation and 170 tilt. With a three-circuit track adapter as standard, the understated design of the TOBY track fixture makes it easy to install in a variety of situations.

Installed in the track fixtures were MEGAMAN® AR111 15W GU10 LED reflectors and LR1203FL 3W PAR16 GU10 2800k LED bulbs. MEGAMAN® GU10 LED reflectors operate on mains voltage with a dimmable variant that holds its colour temperature, unlike the halogen equivalent. However, in situations where a warm halogen effect is wanted the LEDs are available in 2800K warm or the traditional LED 4000K cool white colour temperature.

The AR111 reflector also provides a precise beam that is often required by art installations and provides 950 lumens, the equivalent of a 75W halogen equivalent. Where smaller products were required with a softer light MEGAMAN® TOBY PAR16 GU10 LED fixtures were used. MEGAMAN GU10 LED last over 12 times longer than the halogen equivalent providing an annual saving of up to 80% and they can easily be retrofitted in a range of applications from art galleries to offices.

Fred Bass, Managing Director at Megaman commented, “Our GU10 LEDs produce five times less heat output then the halogen equivalent and our TOBY track fixtures provide an open back design that allows further heat dissipation then regular fixtures. This means TOBY track fixtures are absolutely ideal for art galleries such as this as they will help to reduce heat emitted which could fade precious or fragile pieces of art.”