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MEGAMAN® Redefines Commercial Lighting

MEGAMAN® Redefines Commercial Lighting

At Light + Building 2018, which was held in Frankfurt from 18th to 23rd March, MEGAMAN® redefines commercial LED lighting with MARCO track spotlights, low-glare ESTELA LED panel and GABIO LED Pendant Louvre, a wide range of linear LED fixtures and ZigBee-enabled Smart Lighting solutions.

Innovative LED Luminaires

The new generation of MEGAMAN® LED Luminaires are designed with enhanced features like increased lumen package and low Unified Glare Rating (UGR). Like the MARCO LED Tracklight which offers sleek spot light and high CRI up to Ra97; both the GABIO LED Pendant Louvre and ESTELA LED Panel bring suspended task lighting in a new direction by combining the minimalist design of louvres with low glare rating (UGR≤19). MEGAMAN® definitely sets new trend and standards in commercial lighting in terms of light quality, product excellence as well as energy efficiency and connectivity.  These innovative LEDs are highly suitable for office, schools, retail shops, department stores, restaurants, hotels applications and other commercial spaces. 

MEGAMAN® INGENIUM® ZB Smart Lighting Solution

Designed for both commercial and domestic applications, MEGAMAN® INGENIUM® ZB Smart Lighting Solution enables full lighting control via smart devices, remote controls or even voice commands. Visitors are impressed of its affordable smart lighting solution that is scalable, easy to use and install. With the rapid development of digital and network technologies, smart lighting has become a global trend which not only brings more convenience to people’s lives, but also makes it more flexible for installation and configuration of lighting systems.


The TECOH® LED Components are exclusively designed and showcased to meet customer specifications.  Highlights amongst the range include:

  • TECOH®APx Light Engine – This driver on board solution works directly on AC mains supply.
  • TECOH®THx ZB Smart Component – The A+ energy class rated TECOH® THx range includes a wireless controllable INGENIUM® ZB Smart LLE which, due to its built-in driver, optics and heat-sink, can be built in to fixtures as a serviceable unit.
  • TECOH® LED Drivers – The variety of LED Drivers covers single and multi-channel drivers with single or multiple output current and DALI controllable solutions.

Glen Krise, Director of Neonlite International Ltd, the brand owner of MEGAMAN®, comments: “The six-day fair attracted a raft of global experts in the lighting industry. We had a successful show and were able to inspire visitors with our innovative LED lighting products. The positive feedback from visitors definitely plays an integral role in empowering MEGAMAN® to be at the forefront of future lighting, and we are sure that connections made at this event will generate long-standing business relations.”