LED Lighting in Retail Applications

Lighting has the ability to transform customer experience and as such, is absolutely critical to a successful retail environment. LED technology is an ideal solution.  However, with performance capabilities advancing at an incredible pace, many end clients have impressions of LEDs that are no longer accurate.

A common yet outdated perception is that LEDs can only create a ‘cold’ light with poor colour rendering. However, the colour temperature will dictate whether it emits a warm or cool light and LEDs can render colours well

The good news is that today products are available that allow designers to select a colour to achieve the required effect - ranging from pure white, 4000k, to warmer variations at 2800k. The spectrum of light can also be tailored to enhance the appearance of merchandise by using MEGAMAN® Richcolour+ or Perfect White. In addition, and contributing to the aesthetics retailers want to achieve, MEGAMAN Dim to Warm® technology dims down to the warm cosy light of a conventional lamp – dimming between 2800k and 1800k. It is now even possible to create the look and feel of a traditional filament lamp using gold coated MEGAMAN® LEDs at 2200k.

Furthermore,  LED lighting must continue to look good for the longterm so LED manufacturers have adopted the MacAdam ellipse system which allows the designer to select the Standard Deviation of Colour Matching (SDCM) to define colour consistency.

And the industry continues to evolve benchmarking methods; the relatively new TM-30-15 seeks to displace CRI as the industry standard for measuring colour rendition. This is gaining increasing focus within the lighting community as the criteria within TM-30-15 goes far and above the traditional CRI.

With the importance of lighting in retail settings as well as a variety of means to benchmark LEDs, it is advisable to partner with suppliers who can provide a high level of service and support to ensure the LEDs chosen are absolutely fit for purpose.

Liverpool stores in Mexico installed the latest LED technology to create a vibrant and directional lighting scheme. With over 20,000 fittings provided by Paviom, and containing MEGAMAN® TECOH® MHx LED modules, it became one of the largest LED retail lighting projects the country has seen to date.