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LightwaveRF: Remote Control

All LightwaveRF devices can be controlled from LightwaveRF handheld or wall mounted remote controls. Each device communicates wirelessly and no extra wiring is needed.

Wire-free switches are battery operated and low-voltage, so they can safely be fitted in places like bathrooms where regulations would prohibit the use of mains powered switches.

Mood lighting controllers can create and store up to five 'mood lighting scenarios' which can include groups of dimmers and power sockets. An 'All Off' button ensures that, with one click, all lights and sockets are turned off, saving on standby power.

Mood lighting controllers and wire-free switches are slimline and at only 15mm deep, they can be simply attached to the wall using adhesive strips provided or screwed into a back box. They are powered by a standard 3V CR2032 coin-cell battery.