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LightwaveRF: Power Control

Ultra slimline single and double sockets to match the dimmer switch range in stainless steel, chrome, black chrome or white metal.

LED status lights show at a glance whether the socket is on or off. Each socket offers full remote control including 'all-off' and group control. Fully compatible with any LightwaveRF controller or with a smartphone or tablet via the Lightwave Link.

The ‘socket-lock’ facility can be used to lock sockets off, for safety reasons, or lock them on to prevent unintentional switch-off of appliances, such as a fridge freezer. This requires either the JSJSLW103 remote socket locker or the LightwaveRF app.

Each socket is fully mains rated at 13 amps and fully approved to BS 1364.

If specifying, choose a 35mm deep back box. Use a 35mm if space is a concern.

Plug & play adapter sockets give all the benefi ts of remote control in seconds without any re-wiring at all. Just plug them in to an existing standard socket to provide instant control, grouping, dimming and mood lighting. Dimmers can handle up to 300W and on/off sockets can be used to switch devices rated at up to 3000W.

Plug & play adapters are sold as a kit which includes a JSJSLW100 handheld remote or a JSJSLW104 mood remote.