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LightwaveRF: Lightwave Link

LightwaveRF give access to the home from any location globally where there's access to the web. This can even be done from a smartphone app giving you instant control from virtually anywhere. The Lightwave Link connects to your home broadband wi-fi router and syncs to any LightwaveRF device in the home. This can include dimmers, switches, sockets, heating, alert systems and outdoor lighting. There are many uses and advantages for today's busy family:

  • "Did I switch off my hair straightners?"
  • "Who's that in the hallway at this time?"
  • "Did we turn off the iron?"
  • "That was a well earned break, I'll turn up the heating for a warm welcome home."

The Lightwave Link is very simple to setup. It automatically connects to the home broadband and links to every LightwaveRF device in the home. Up to six smartphones or tablet devices can be synced with the Link, meaning that everyone in the family can take control.

The Lightwave Link also saves your routines and timers so that your lighting, electrical devices and heating will come on automatically at the time you set. A free installed app on the user's smartphone or tablet gives access to all the preset sequences and moods, to the heating system, and to individual lights or sockets in any room from anywhere in the world.

The signal booster can be used to extend the range of a LightwaveRF device to include a larger area indoors or outdoors if necessary. It can be positioned anywhere as it is waterproof and battery operated.