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LightwaveRF: Energy Saving Accessories

Key elements in any LightwaveRF installation are those products which could help you save on energy costs.

Energy Monitor

Easily fitted in minutes, and with no hard wiring necessary, the LightwaveRF energy monitor measures your household energy usage in real time and sends the data to your smartphone or tablet. That means you can check your energy consumption anytime from anywhere in the world.

Magnetic Switch

The LightwaveRF magnetic switch can be attached to any non-metallic door or window, and is activated by the opening of the door or window to which it is attached. So if it is linked to one or more LightwaveRF dimmer switches, sockets or relays, it can be used to automatically turn lights on when you return home for example.

Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Sensor

For those occasions when the lights only need to be on when a person is present, the LightwaveRF PIR sensor can switch lights or power sockets on or off only when movement is detected. For instance, turn night-time landing lights off when everyone’s gone to bed, and on again if the PIR sensor signals that someone’s up and about again!

Dusk to Dawn Sensor

The LightwaveRF dusk to dawn sensor is a portable and weatherproof wireless sensor which can be positioned outdoors to measure the ambient light level. That means it can be used, for instance, to turn on security lighting or porch/driveway lights when dusk falls, but off again when dawn breaks, saving the energy lost when ‘night-time only’ lights are left on during daylight hours.