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LightwaveRF: Dimmers

A designer range of soft start dimmer switches, available in stainless steel, white, chrome, and black chrome finishes. They are compatible with a wide range of dimmable LED lamps, including Megaman. These dimmer switches all use existing wiring circuits for easy installation (minimum 35mm backbox), and can be controlled manually or remotely using the LightwaveRF app, remote or wirefree switch - a neat, battery powered switch that can be positioned anywhere within the home.

2-Way Dimmers

LightwaveRF 2-way dimmers are identical to the standard dimmer switch in appearance, but are designed to be used only as a slave (with a standard dimmer as the master) to perform 2-way switching (for instance hall and landing lights requiring operation from two or more switches).

Up to six slave 2-way dimmers (or up to 6 gangs using multi-gang 2-way dimmers) can be connected to one master LightwaveRF dimmer switch, either connected directly or connected to each other in a 'daisychain'. This provides an alternative to using intermediate switches. LightwaveRF 2-way dimmers cannot be used in conjunction with a standard light switch, as doing so will damage the internal electronics.

Please note the LightwaveRF 200 series of 2 way slave dimmer (product code JSJSLW250) is not compatible with the new 400 series dimmers product codes JSJSLW400, JSJSLW420, JSJSLW430, JSJSLW430 and JSJSLW440. When using a 400 series dimmer you will need to use the following 2 way slave dimmers JSJSLW450, JSJSLW452, JSJSLW455.