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Time and Energy Savings for the home with new Smartphone App

Leading British Home Automation developer LightwaveRF has detailed the features of a new app which enables accurate monitoring and control of domestic heating, power and lighting systems using a Smartphone or Tablet. Using the app, home owners can link up to six Smartphones or tablets to their LightwaveRF system, allowing them to remotely turn on and off any LightwaveRF devices installed in their home, set ‘timers’ and ‘events’ at the touch of a button, and to monitor their energy usage and costs.

The company say that in the fast-evolving Home Automation scene, this app is unmatched, since competitive systems cannot control heating, power and lighting all from the same place.

The new LightwaveRF app allows linked Smartphones to remember up to 32 ‘events’ and 32 ‘timers’. Events are a sequence of actions that you can trigger when it suits you. If you end up working late, you can be sure that you won’t be wasting energy and money on heating that will only come on when you are leaving the office. A timer works in a similar way, but can be repeated either at the same time each day or just weekdays or weekends. You can even set ‘seasonal’ timers such as sprinklers to come on every evening during the summer. A ‘Dusk & Dawn’ setting collects data that indicates when sunset will be at your location and can automatically turn on lights based on this information.

These helpful features are, according to the British inventors JSJS Designs, a convenient way to run a household wherever you are in the world, with the knowledge that you are saving energy and money as you do so.

The app is designed with homeowner security firmly in mind. To access and control devices within the system environment, a Smartphone user will need to press a button on the LightwaveRF Link (connecting the system to the Internet) to allow control from that device. So that even if an outside hacker managed to connect to the system through the Internet, they wouldn’t be able to control any devices without first pressing the identification button.

The free LightwaveRF app is available from Google Play Store, the App Store, and the Windows Store.