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Smart PIR Sensor Switch can improve safety and save on lighting costs

Smart PIR Sensor Switch can improve safety and save on lighting costs

 Leading British Smart Home technology designer LightwaveRF has announced details of its new PIR Sensor Switch, which can help to make energy savings and improve safety for home owners. This compact motion-detector can remotely operate any other installed LightwaveRF device like a linked light switch or power socket, and it features a built-in ambient light level detector. This means that it will only trigger other devices at certain times of the day depending on light levels, and it will usually switch on a lamp or hallway light.

Once triggered, it will then turn the light off automatically after a set amount of time, so that lighting need never be left on all night again. Not only will this intelligent switch mean savings on energy bills, it could also serve vulnerable groups such as the elderly or partially sighted by automatically turning on lamps or landing lights at night once movement is detected.

The switches form part of the well-known LightwaveRF range, allowing people complete control of the heating, lighting and power systems in their home from a Smartphone or Tablet. Home owners using this intelligent range of wirelessly controlled devices can therefore select, schedule or control any linked device within the home environment from anywhere in the world which has Internet access.

LightwaveRF products communicate with one another using a radio frequency protocol, and are designed to give the occupier complete control of their home, allowing them to create convenient schedules and saving money at the same time. Acknowledging that modern society is doing more and more from Smartphones nowadays, from reading the news to booking a holiday, LightwaveRF believes that it is a logical step to managing our household appliances in exactly the same way.