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LightwaveRF Link and BT Homehub

LightwaveRF Link and BT Homehub


If you have a BT HomeHub4 and are now experiencing connectivity issues with your WiFiLink, it is likely that it will be related to the ‘Smart Setup’ feature of the HomeHub router.  Disabling this fixes the connectivity issues on most setups.

To do this, you will need to use your internet browser to  adjust the Home Hub settings by going to http://bthub.home and then clicking ‘Advanced Settings’.  In this section, select ‘Home Network’ and choose to disable the ‘Smart Setup’ feature.

The WiFiLink should be able to connect and behave as expected once this has been done.


If you have a BT Homehub 5 the please plug Wi-Fi Link ethernet into ethernet Port 4 on the back of the Homehub. If this does not help please also look at above information which may also resolve any issues.