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Ding Dong - LightwaveRF Calling!

Ding Dong - LightwaveRF Calling!

Wireless smart home technology manufacturer LightwaveRF has added door chimes to the existing range of lighting and heating and power control products.

The door chime kits come complete with clear & precise installation instructions and are available in four variations; Portable, Wire-Free, Wire-Free Plug In and Wire-Free MP3. With an operating range of 120-150 metres, the door chimes can be used virtually anywhere in the house or in the garden - all door chimes can be connected to the LightwaveRF dimmers that can be programmed to trigger the lighting to dim up or dim down as necessary when someone rings the doorbell. Each of the door chime kits have 8 pre-stored chimes to choose from but the MP3 version allows for a personal preference chime to be used.

The LightwaveRF product range includes intelligent dimmers, radiator valves, sockets and sensors that can be controlled either via an Internet connection from a smartphone, tablet, PC or from a handheld remote control, as well as responding to occupancy sensors.

For more information on the new door chimes visit here.