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LightwaveRF: Frequently Asked Questions

How many light switches can you have as a slave from the circuit light switch?

You can have up to six slaves working off one master switch, providing it is within 100 metres of cable. This means up to six way switching is possible.

What range do the remote controls work at?

The products operate on 433 frequency and you will get between 15-30 metres in all directions from a hand held controller talking to a receiver such as a light switch or socket. The same applies to the Wifi Link, 20 metres in all directions. If there is ever a problem you can buy a battery operated signal booster.

Will this system work in granite properties? Does it affect the signal at all?

Yes, it will work, however you may find the range is affected. You can test the range in your property with a simple plug in adapter and controller.  Each house and development is different.

Does LightwaveRF have a license fee?

No, it does not. 

Do solar panels affect the signal?

No, they don’t.

Some new eco homes have extremely dense walls (not made from stone) but this has affected systems in the past – how does this work with LightwaveRF?

It shouldn't do, however every development is different. You can test the range in your property with a simple plug in adapter and controller. Use a signal booster if there is a problem.

Do galvanised steel panels pose any problem.

To test your property please use the plug in to check the range. Always use a signal booster if there is a problem.

What is the actual operational protocol for the system?

We use our own protocol, LightwaveRF, that works on the 433 radio frequency. KNX, Rako, Niko are other home automation systems. They are about 7/8 times more expensive and also use Cat 5 cable which we don't need.

Does LightwaveRF work with LED bulbs?

The LightwaveRF products do work with LED bulbs.  However, you do need to ensure that:

  1. the LED lamps are dimmable
  2. The overall load must be at least 40 watts.  For example, if you are using 5 watt LED lamps you would need to have 8 in the same circuit to ensure flicker-free dimming.  

Also note that different LED lamps behave differently and that the bulbs we have successfully tested can be found on our compatible lamp list which will be available soon. 

I can control my devices over WiFi but not remotely?

If you have only ever used your products using an iOS device over WiFi, and want to use them remotely, you will need to create an account and upload your settings onto the internet.

Do I need a static IP address?

Our system uses the MAC address of the WiFi Link for remote commands and as such does not require you to have a static IP.  The system will work with or without a static IP address.

Can you use multiple iOS devices with LightwaveRF?

It is possible to have your WiFi Link settings on multiple devices.  Your WiFi Link can register up to 6 different wireless devices which can control it.  To keep the settings consistent across all devices you will need to create an account and upload your settings onto the internet.

Can I extend the time delay for the wireless PIR?

Without a software change, this is not possible unfortunately. You can only set what is stipulated on the back of the unit.

Why can’t I set a delay of less than 3 seconds in a sequence?

When the Wifi Link broadcasts a radio message for any LightwaveRF products to respond to, it does so for 2 seconds. If two messages were broadcast simultaneously then they would conflict and one or both are likely to fail. We have a minimum of a three second delay between any steps in a sequence so that there are no radio conflicts and the commands execute successfully. 

Is there a maximum distance that needs to be left between receivers?

Yes, in order for the products to work efficiently you need to leave 20cm in all directions between any two receivers. 

Do CFL lamps work with LightwaveRF?

No they don't. Please refer to our recommended LED list for an energy saving lamp alternative.

Do you have an On/Off switch?

No we don't, but you can add an inline relay into the circuit to achieve on/off switching. 

What other applications could I use an inline relay for?

An inline relay can be used to control curtains, blinds, gates, ceiling fans. 

I have a device in my house that is out of range of the Link, what can I do?

To solve this product you will need to link a LightwaveRF Signal Booster through the device, this should solve your problem. 

How do I clear the memory of a dimmer?

To clear the momory of a dimmer you need to hold down both buttons until the lights flash blue and amber. Then just hold down the bottom button until this flashed blue and amber. Then click the bottom button one final time until it flashed amber, which will confirm that the memory is clear.