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LightwaveRF Dimming Compatibility

LightwaveRF Dimming Compatibility

Megaman continues to lead the field in terms of advanced LED lamp design and performance. As a result, the dimmable types of LED currently available and featured throughout our range have been rigourously tested to ensure that they provide optimal dimming performance when used with approved dimmers.

In particular, our lamps have been tested with the LightwaveRF range of dimmers. We have been doing this in close cooporation with LightwaveRF, who have ensured that their dimmers have been optimised to work with Megaman dimmable LEDs. To see what Megaman LEDs work perfectly with LightwaveRF dimmers, view the compatibility charts here.

These tests were conducted in our own labratory on the following LightwaveRF modules- JSJSLW400, 420, 430, 440, 450.

Please note, LightwaveRF dimmers are not compatible with Collingwood.