Our first Sustainability Report released in 2011 put us on the right track in demonstrating our commitment towards continuous improvement in sustainable development as we believe transparency is a prerequisite for credible business activities. The essence of our reporting is open and interactive communication with a global audience including customers, employees, suppliers, associations, special interest groups, educational and social institutions and the general public.

This is our second Sustainability Report and we aim to keep our stakeholders updated on the progress of sustainability that we are making in our business activities. Our report relates to Neonlite’s efforts in the areas of strategy and management, environmental protection, product responsibility, employees and society as a whole. This report focuses on explaining our strategies, measures, monitoring device as well as presenting our key figures which in turn helps our management to monitor the company’s performance in a systematic manner.

The report is oriented towards the G3.1 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). According to our own assessment, the report meets Application Level B requirements. With reference of the performance indicators formulated from the GRI, the relevant themes of this report were identified and drawn up. The collection of data was obtained electronically from operational functions and local contacts. The electronic database was the source of the quantitative data.

All relevant contents of the key sustainability topics will be addressed in this report and supplemented with detailed explanations. To provide a better overview, key statistic figures are provided at the end of the report. While we strive to continuously increase our transparency, some of the information requested in the GRI guidelines could put our ability at risk to compete and therefore are not included in the report.

This Sustainability Report and feedback form are available on our website: www.megaman.cc/sustainability-report