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BAG Zitares: High Efficiency ECGs with New LEDprotect Circuit Topology

BAG Zitares: High Efficiency ECGs with New LEDprotect Circuit Topology

With road lighting, tunnel installations or industrial systems, exterior lighting should function safely and reliably even under highly adverse application conditions, and decisive for this is robust and durable lighting electronics. BAG electronics has developed the new high-performance ZITARES OC LED ECG for the very toughest ambient conditions. The unit unites efficiency with maximum safety and also provides a new circuit topology design with LEDprotect that effectively protects against the effects of asymmetric surge pulses.

Energy-efficient with long life:
with a very high efficiency level exceeding 90%, the new LED ECG achieves top marks for outdoor applications. At a load level of 100% for example, efficiency is an impressive 93%. With an extremely high lifespan of 80,000 hours (at tc = tcmax), the new ZITARES OC features low ripple current as well as low current tolerance. The cast housing effectively protects the electronics from adverse environmental conditions and the double-insulated design with safety class II luminaires only requires base installation of the LED module – an important advantage for module and luminaire manufacturers. Available are a non-dimmable ECG with settable output currents (OCS) as well as a dimmable ECG (OCD) with the specification of various dimming methods (DALI, control phase, geoDIM) and with programmable output currents.

LEDprotect:new protection for LED ECGs and LED modules

The LEDprotect circuit topology developed by BAG is a new development in the market that elevates protection of luminaires and electronics to a new level. LEDprotect provides comprehensive protection for the LED ECG and LED modules by limiting surge pulses to levels harmless for the LED modules. To achieve this, only the heat sink or luminaire housing must be connected to the LEDprotect connection.

This new development solves a challenge that particularly concerns safety class II luminaires: because with such luminaires no overvoltage protection devices can be used (in contrast to safety class I luminaires), surge pulses until now could pass the ECG unhindered. This high transient overvoltage often occurs with outdoor luminaires, for example due to the effects of lightning. Especially critical here are asymmetric surge pulses between the power supply and the ground potential. The capacitive currents in worst cases can destroy the LEDs.

LEDprotect however protects the driver and the LED module and achieves high pulse stability against overvoltage. This pioneering development means that further protective components in luminaires are no longer needed and protects both safety class I and II luminaires – an important milestone for energy-efficient, safe and durable outdoor lighting systems (roads, tunnels, plazas) as well as for industrial applications.